Where’s my stimulus check? 10 reasons you don’t have your $1,400 payment, what to do

Where’s my stimulus check? 10 reasons you don’t have your $1,400 payment, what to do

The IRS and US Treasury have sent 127 million third stimulus checks to the tune of roughly $325 billion as part of President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act, the Treasury announced Wednesday. If you’re still waiting for your $1,400 maximum per-person payment, you might be wondering what’s causing the holdup. The possibilities may surprise you.

Stimulus checks are anything but simple and the rules keep changing from check to check. The qualification details aren’t always the same from group to group either and there may be some considerations you need to know if you’re an older adult, a younger adult, a nonfiler or someone who receives Social Security benefits, like SSI, SSDI and veteran’s benefits. If you had a baby, claim newly-qualified dependents or are part of a mixed-citizenship status family, that could change your scenario, too, especially since tax season complicates the third stimulus check calculations.

Here are some reasons that your third stimulus payment could be delayed, how you can track it in online and in the mail. We also have guides on how to claim a missing paymentwhat to do if there’s a problem and what we’ve heard so far about a fourth stimulus check.

Your stimulus check was sent to the wrong bank account

The problem: You signed up for direct deposit, but your check didn’t arrive. Why? It’s possible that your stimulus payment went to the wrong bank account. Maybe your account was closed, or an electronic transfer attempt was made for a temporary bank account, like one used on behalf of millions of people who used a tax preparer like Jackson Hewitt, TurboTax and H&R Block. Although this latter issue hasn’t been widely reported, it affected the first and second payments.

What to do: Reach out to your bank or tax preparer to see if an attempt was made to deposit money to your account. Ask if they have an internal protocol to file a report or follow up with a representative who can help.

What next? If you don’t get a direct deposit by March 24 (the official date), then your stimulus payment will arrive in the mail. Here’s how to track the payment to your mailbox. The IRS is not allowing individuals to register for new direct deposit accounts or correct inaccuracies. If your third stimulus check never arrives, here are all the ways you can try to resolve the issueRead more>>