Riding Weed, Weapons and Water to the Florida Governor’s Mansion

Riding Weed, Weapons and Water to the Florida Governor’s Mansion

While Fried may not yet be a household name like the former South Carolina governor and presumptive 2024 GOP presidential candidate, she still has her eyes on an office higher than her current one as Florida’s commissioner of agriculture. And she is using her post to needle the man who currently holds the job many think she wants, Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Recently, Fried, the top Democrat in the state, has lambasted DeSantis over his order to lower flags in Florida following the death of conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, whom the governor called “a legend.” And she has criticized DeSantis over his administration’s management of the coronavirus vaccine rollout and called for an FBI investigation.

Appearing on CNN on Feb. 22, Fried said of DeSantis’ embrace of Limbaugh: “What he’s doing is bending over backwards to honor a radio host who spent his entire career talking hate speech and talking bigotry and division and conspiracy theories.” She said workers in her department would not be lowering any flags.

On Thursday, she put more heat on DeSantis after the Miami Herald reported that since DeSantis began using “pop-up” vaccinations in certain communities, his political committee has raised $2.7 million in the month of February alone, more than any other month since he ran for governor in 2018. One resident of the wealthy private enclave of Ocean Reef in Key Largo who received a vaccine, former Republican governor of Illinois and former chairman of the Chicago-based private equity firm GTCR Bruce Rauner gave a $250,000 donation. A spokesperson for DeSantis said he was not involved in selecting the Ocean Reef Club for the early vaccine distribution, according to the Herald.

Fried tweeted Thursday morning “Vaccines for political dollars is corruption at its worst — costing lives, time, and trust. We need an independent investigation now.”…Read more>>