Netflix, please don’t cancel these 5 excellent shows

Netflix, please don’t cancel these 5 excellent shows

Ahead of Netflix’s next quarterly earnings announcement, it’s looking like the streaming giant is cruising toward another blockbuster quarter.

Thanks in part to coronavirus quarantines and lockdowns, as well as a period that saw Netflix release tons of buzzy series, Netflix thinks it’s on track to add 7.5 million net new subscribers for the quarter’s performance that it will report next month — though Wall Street is expecting the streamer to handily beat that number once again. Indeed, thanks to compelling content it released during the quarter like Space ForceToo Hot to Handle, and new seasons of Money Heist13 Reasons Why, and Dead to Me, SunTrust Robinson Humphrey analyst Matthew Thornton predicted in a research note just a few days ago that Netflix will actually add between 9 million and 12 million new subscribers for the quarter.


It’s exactly that kind of bullishness, meanwhile, that can cause fans to feel blindsided and completely stunned when Netflix pulls the plug on one of their favorite series. Perhaps it dismays them because they think that since Netflix seems to be making money hand over fist, their beloved shows shouldn’t be susceptible to the same capricious whims that send so many series on ad-based network TV to the small screen graveyard of broken dreams. But if you look at this with clear eyes, of course, it makes all the sense in the world.

Netflix has to run its business profitably and responsibly, and sometimes that means canceling shows that don’t draw the kind of audience Netflix thinks it needs to see to feel like its investment was worth it. Sometimes, it’s a function of bad luck, while other times — well, things may have just run their course. Nothing lasts forever, after all.

Below, we’ll run through a handful of shows we think might — might, being the keyword — be in danger of cancelation sooner rather than later. These are all great shows, mind you, and all of them appeal to different audiences in their own way, so hopefully we’re wrong!

We talked about bad luck a moment ago, and I’m hoping that the utterly fantastic Ozark doesn’t succumb to it.

Netflix released Ozark’s third season in March, right as the worst of the coronavirus pandemic was unfolding in the US. In my opinion, it was the best season yet of the show which stars Jason Bateman and Laura Linney as the owners of a casino that’s laundering money for a Mexican drug cartel. It’s earned several Emmy and Golden Globe nods (as well as an Emmy win for Bateman for directing) — so why am I worried about it?

Mostly, because we still haven’t heard anything about a renewal yet. We’ve often seen Netflix announce an additional season pickup of a hot show around the time a new season debuts. Bateman gave an interview to Collider as late as April in which he talks about being hopeful for a fourth season (meaning nothing was still certain at that point), and who knows how comprehensively the coronavirus has upended filming and production plans behind the scenes, as well as possibly changed up what Netflix decides to cancel that it otherwise might not have…Read more>>