IRS stimulus check delivery update: Timeline, who’s left out, what could still go wrong

IRS stimulus check delivery update: Timeline, who’s left out, what could still go wrong

March 24 was the first cutoff imposed by the IRS and Treasury to the new stimulus check. But although a total of 127 million stimulus checks for up to $1,400 per person will have gone out by the end of the week (more below), they could still take days to arrive, especially if your check encounters a problem. And there are still millions more stimulus payments in the queue for qualified recipient.

The deadline applied only to people getting their money through direct deposit. If yours hasn’t arrived in your bank account by now, it’s likely you’re getting a paper check or EIP debit card — even if you think the IRS has your banking information on file. (Bad news, the IRS doesn’t want to hear from you.) The situation is even more complicated for SSDI and SSI recipients, veterans and retired railroad workers — unless this subset of nonfilers got a previous check using the IRS’ Non-Filers tool, which is now closed. In that case, you could get your payment in the current wave.

No matter which group you’re in, it may not help that the USPS is currently experiencing delays, according to The New York Times (track your stimulus payment in the mail). It could also take months for some people to receive their full stimulus check total — for example, if the IRS uses your 2019 taxes to calculate your share, but owes you more money based on your 2020 taxes. We’ll go over these scenarios below. (And here’s the story so far on a fourth stimulus check.) This story was recently updated.

Stimulus check delivery status — what we know today

Here’s how the checks have been sent so far:

First payment batch — March 17

  • Direct deposit: 90 million ($242 billion)
  • Paper checks: 150,000 ($442 million)

Second payment batch ($83 billion) — March 24

  • Direct deposit: 17 million ($38 billion)
  • Paper checks: 15 million ($34 billion)
  • EIP cards: 5 million ($11 billion)…Read more>>