How to transfer photos from your iPhone to your Mac

How to transfer photos from your iPhone to your Mac

If you have an iPhone, you more than likely take a lot of photos with it. After all, the best camera is the one with you, and who goes without their iPhone? While there are great photo editing apps out there, maybe you just prefer to do your photo editing on your Mac instead (and don’t forget about how to transfer photos from your Mac to your iPhone). Wondering how to transfer photos from your iPhone to your Mac? There are a few different ways to go about this, so let’s dive in.

Use iCloud Photo Library

One of the easiest methods to transfer photos from your iPhone to your Mac, with no cables required, is to turn on iCloud Photos. When this is enabled, you should be able to access all of the photos and videos that you have across all of your devices — including iPhone, iPad, and Mac.


However, you will need to have enough storage space in your iCloud account, which you may not have. Apple provides 5GB of free space for every iCloud account, which is hardly anything these days. If you want to use iCloud Photos, you may need to upgrade your iCloud storage plan, which starts at $2.99 a month for 200GB, or you can get 2TB for $9.99 a month. The 2TB option can also be shared with up to six others through Family Sharing. For most individuals, the 200GB should suffice. However, you should keep in mind that this iCloud storage is not just for iCloud Photos — it’s for everything you store in iCloud, including iCloud backups, which can take up quite a bit of space.

To use iCloud Photos for importing your photos over to your Mac from your iPhone, you’ll first need to make sure that all of your devices have iCloud Photos enabled.

Turn on iCloud Photos on your iPhone or iPad

  1. Launch Settings on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Scroll down and tap on Photos.
  3. Tap the toggle for iCloud Photos to ON (green).

Turn on iCloud Photos on iPhone and iPad by showing steps: Launch Settings, tap Photos, tap toggle for iCloud Photos to ON

Turn on iCloud Photos in the Photos app on your Mac

  1. Launch the Photos app on your Mac.
  2. Click Photos in the upper left corner of the menu bar.
  3. Click Preferences (you can also easily access the Preferences by pressing cmd and , on your keyboard).
  4. Click on the iCloud tab.
  5. Click the checkbox on iCloud Photos to turn it on…Read more>>