Electric bike maintenance: how to keep your new e-bike running like a dream

Electric bike maintenance: how to keep your new e-bike running like a dream

Maintaining even the best electric bikes isn’t difficult, but there are some important things to know if you’re going to keep it in top condition and get the best performance every time you head out on a ride.

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To find out exactly what you need to know to keep your e-bike in perfect shape, TechRadar spoke to Julian Thrasher, Head of Training at Shimano. Buy your Shimano products and support local bike shops at www.freewheel.co.uk.


What checks should you do before riding?

Before heading out on your electric bike, a few quick checks will help make sure you’re getting the best, safest ride possible.

“Mechanical and electrical checks are the key thing,” says Thrasher, “so from a mechanical point of view, tire pressures and if you’ve got any mountain bike suspension settings as well. Mainly because if you’re riding an e-bike with deflated tires then you may not get the range out of the bike that you want.”

You’d normally notice if you’re riding a bike with deflated tires or worn gears – you’ll have to work harder than usual – but an e-bike will compensate, effectively masking the problem and draining the battery faster than necessary,

“It’s also really important that your brakes are working properly because the e-bikes are slightly heavier,” says Thrasher. “I’d have a check of the brakes and gears before you go on a ride. Just a spin around the car park or just down the side of your house, just to make sure everything’s operating mechanically as it should…Read more>>