Bill Nye explains ‘we’re all one species’ in new TikTok science video

Bill Nye explains ‘we’re all one species’ in new TikTok science video

If anyone can give humans hope that we should start treating each other as equals regardless of our skin color, it’s Bill Nye the Science Guy.

In a TikTok video posted Sunday, Nye used a world map to illustrate how ultraviolet light works on each continent. Using his usual passionate presentation style, Nye explains how the closer you are to the equator, the more your body is exposed to ultraviolet light, and less if you are farther away.


“Now, here’s the same map of the same continents with just one color, and it turns out that everybody on Earth is descended from people that lived here in Africa,” Nye explained in the video.

Over centuries as humans migrated around the world, the color of our skin changed.

“Our skin is where we make vitamin D; if you don’t get enough ultraviolet, then you don’t get enough vitamin D,” Nye continued. “But if you get too much ultraviolet, then you break down your folates. You have to have it in perfect balance. And because the ultraviolet varies, the color of our skin varies. That’s why we have different color skin.”

But this wasn’t just a simplified scientific explanation of why we all have different skin colors. Nye also wanted to drive home a bigger lesson. We are all the same underneath, and we need to treat each other equally, instead of by the color of our skin.

“We’re all one species,” Nye concluded in his video. “But we’re not treating each other fairly. Not everybody is getting an even shake. So it’s time to change things.”

The short TikTok video is a viral hit at over 3 million views, as well as trending on Twitter on Sunday. Nye’s fans reacted with praise for the science message encouraging equality for all…Read more>>