American Express Cuts Travel Accident, Other Card Benefits

American Express Cuts Travel Accident, Other Card Benefits

American Express has cut travel accident insurance and a handful of other benefits from many of its credit cards. Cardholders who have these perks, which also include roadside assistance, return protection and extended warranty coverage, can use them through Dec. 31. Here’s more about the changes on the horizon.

Which Benefits Has American Express Cut?

Credit card issuers have been cutting benefits across the board recently, and American Express is one of the latest to make changes. Perks on the chopping block vary by card, but these four types of benefits have been removed from some cards:

  • Travel accident insurance. This benefit can financially protect you from the costs of a travel-related death or serious injury.
  • Roadside assistance. A 24-hour hotline dispatches emergency roadside services, such as towing, winching, jump-starting batteries, delivering fuel and locksmithing.
  • Return protection. This coverage extends the return policy on items bought with your credit card to 90 days from purchase. If the merchant won’t take back an eligible item, the issuer will refund up to a certain amount.
  • Extended warranty. Using your card to buy a product may extend an original manufacturer’s warranty.

Which American Express Cards Lost Benefits?

The following credit cards no longer offer these benefits for new cardholders:


American Express Cash Magnet Card

American Express Gold Card X X X
American Express Green Card X X X
Blue Cash Everyday Card from American Express X X X X
Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express X X
Blue Delta SkyMiles Credit Card from American Express X X <x< td=””></x<>
Delta Reserve Credit Card X X X
Platinum Delta SkyMiles Credit Card X X X

The Platinum Card from American Express


Which Credit Cards Still Offer These Benefits?

If you’re disappointed to lose some credit card benefits, you could find them elsewhere. For instance, several credit cards provide trip protections, including travel accident insurance.

Chase Sapphire Preferred Card, Capital One Venture Rewards Card and United Explorer Cardhave travel accident insurance. And many credit cards come with return protection, roadside assistance and extended warranty coverage.

Should You Keep Your American Express Card?

As you weigh whether to replace your credit card over a benefits cut, look at the total value of the card.

If you’ve never used the perks, this cut will result in no change.

Even if you have used them, you may still get enough value from your card’s rewards program and other benefits to hold onto the card. Still, you might want to add a new credit card with the benefits you use.


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